Welcome to REFORMA, an UNIQUE studio with a rare and dynamic blend of

Aerobics         Dance        Gym

And other various Program

At REFORMA FITNESS, our mission is to provide you with the ultimate fitness experience, one that focuses on your specific fitness needs, helps you achieve the results you are after and invigorates your soul. We guarantee the highest quality equipment and training programs available, an expert staff, special amenities that are often not found in other health clubs, attentive service and truly sophisticated surroundings. Our every Fitness training center is committed to being a unique Fitness training center in BANGALORE.

At Reforma, we are a fanatical group of highly qualified professionals who are focused on providing outstanding service, programming and support for your needs.  Reforma makes the benefits of an active lifestyle even more fun and convenient.

Our Belief:

It's never too late to become what you might have been.

We are located in an inviting new facility specifically designed locale. Some 3000 sq.ft. of instruction, dressing, shower and administrative space make a perfect place for training.  Our Studio is in the prime location and easily accessible.

REFORMA LesMills group fitness classes binds the energy of many for a motivating, challenging and totally addictive workout experience. We provide a series of exercise-to-music fitness programs. The program includes:

  • Body Pump
  • Body Step
  • Body Balance
  • Body Attack
  • Cross Fit
  • CXWork
  • Functional Training
  • Power Yoga & Many More
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