As a member of Reforma, you get to use the gym facilities at any time of its operation.  After an initial screening, you will be given a personalized exercise program by our fitness specialists.  

Fast Track Weight Loss

Do you want to lose those extra weight  before your wedding or do you want to look good on your new corporate assignment, then the fast track weight loss is the key!! Commit to our program of healthy eating with regular exercise and you can soon make a difference to your figure.

Rapid Muscle Gain

Are you lean & skinny? Want to be like those six packers with nice shoulders and arms. Get the lean mean look, without looking huge through our scientifically designed program and with our well experienced Fitness Instructors. Remember underweight women carry a health risk, gain weight without worrying about becoming masculine or adding fat in the problem areas (hip, thigh


Just not to lose weight, just not to feel strong. Just not to feel fit, its all about your complete well being! Leave a stress and hard day behind and rejuvenate yourself. How about a nice steam bath and a chill shower??Pamper your senses in a healthy way!

Fitness Combo

Do you get board of exercising? Are you a fitness freak, who loves to try out every aspect of fitness! Then this is it! Enjoy gymming , aerobics and other forms  in a cost effective way!

Silver Hairs

Good news for older adults: part of the prescription for a healthier, better retirement is exercise. If you're someone in their later adult years, you may think it's too late to get active and take care of your health. This is not the case. Get active and feel better with the program. Regardless of whether you are 40-years old or 60-years old, you're someone who is interested in taking a step forward as far as their overall health is concerned. Experience our care with our fitness experts taking you through a journey of keeping you fit, healthy, stronger and stable.

Women’s wellness

We recognize that each woman is unique and healthcare must be personalized to fit each individual and their healthcare needs. Be it stronger bones, keeping healthy, improving balance and strength, fighting those difficult menstrual cycles, back aches, polycystic ovaries or menopause, exercise plays a major part and women’s wellness package is just right. Beat all those with the guidance of fitness instructors, who understand every need of yours!

Personal Training

Are you looking at personal attention? Are you working towards a set fitness goal? Are you into chiseling your body? Do you lack motivation to exercise regularly? Our Personal trainer will make your dreams a reality and ensure motivation and participation right through!


Customized workouts to help you recover from injury and lead a more active life.
No pain, real gain. Improve your posture, fix muscle imbalances, and reduce your risk of injury in a month with this routine.


Do you have a back problem or a long standing knee problem?? Are you not sure if you might aggravate a pre existing shoulder problem by joining the exercise program??Our rehab specialists in the field of sports and orthopaedic will make sure you are just alright to take on the program. Our specialists will ensure that you are rehabilitated successfully and prescribe exercise that do not aggravate your problem, rather improves the quality of your life! Your Safety is a High Priority in 02!

Special Population

Has your doctor recommended exercise to control diabetes and hypertension? Our  team of experts will work along with your physician and ensure a safe and effective exercise program for you. Get your BP checked and blood sugar monitored at the slightest of discomfort.

Junior Fitness Program

Children are a special population. Under our expert guidance and supervision, children can improve their posture, strength, cardio respiratory fitness level, and flexibility. We reduce their stress level, teach better exercise discipline and make them a better individual!
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